Manager Accountancy

Who are you?

Are you an experienced accountant and can you help set the tone within a challenging and dynamic environment of excellent professionals? Do you also want to develop further into a possible partner in accountancy at a young, growing accountancy firm with a challenging customer portfolio? Join our ambitious team!

  • As a (senior) manager you are an important colleague within our organization. Of course you have to use the space that we offer for this;
  • You make an active contribution to the management of the office and serve as an example to others;
  • You can function excellently in the audit practice, but you also feel at home as an advisor. When preparing, executing, reporting and evaluating assignments, you bear essential responsibility for the quality requirements we set for them;
  • You see complex control issues as a challenge, also to keep the professional level of our office at the highest level at all times;
  • You have a keen eye for the contribution you make to turnover and return, with a good balance between profit and value;
  • You act independently in contact with customers, prospects and others, knowing that you help determine the ‘brand experience’ of our office;
  • Last but not least, your Dutch and English language and speaking skills are very good given our international practice.

What do we ask?

  • You have completed your RA training and now have at least seven years of work experience. You have built up specific knowledge of one or more market sectors;
  • As a (senior) manager you naturally have authority in guiding, inspiring and professionally developing other colleagues;
  • In addition, you also see where there is room for your own growth and you are prepared to receive feedback on this;
  • Taking initiatives and accepting (final) responsibility is second nature to you;
  • You see yourself as an enterprising professional, who keeps track of trends in the market, identifies opportunities and develops (commercial) solutions that can help customers further;
  • You also have a keen eye for opportunities to enter into successful relationships in maintaining and expanding your own network;
  • You feel at home in an organization that is still building and where you can help shape the contours for the future. Maybe even as a partner?